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1. How do you foresee the French agricultural market over the next few years and in particular the role of the dealer??

The French agricultural market has been experiencing change for many years. It is necessary to take note of two things: companies are becoming

more specialised and they opt for either volume in order to lower their costs, or they go for labelling (BIO, DOC) in order to be able to apply higher


The distribution network needs to keep pace, in that it must become more competent regarding the product it offers and needs to offer its

customers quality brands which is defined in terms of their manufacturing, after-sales service and product availability. Antonio Carraro is an

excellent example of this.



Interview with François-Eric de Launay, President of Socodicor-CAMPA, purchasing group for Claas dealers, President of Sodave, AC importer in

France who will shortly be celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

5. You are an excellent golfer. What do you love most

about the sport?

It is true that I play golf and it enablesme to come acrossmany

AC tractors. In answer to your question it is the quality of the

courses and the work of the greenkeepers that surprises me

every time I go to play. They also are real specialists in their

field. Golf is a pastime for me, which allows me to relax my

mind…especially when the little white ball cooperates!

2. How do you see the future of Socodicor-CAMPA?

CAMPA is a purchasing group and a distribution chain, which concentrates on

selecting “the best technology at the best price”. Also the agricultural sector is

subject to the entrance of new companies that via the internet or trade journals,


CAMPA’s job is to select and distinguish authentic products, which conform to

the quality expected by the distributors and by the agriculturalists, from those

products of uncertain quality. It also checks that the prices recommended by the

manufacturers are fair and suitable. This is why CAMPA will have a great future

and every year more distributers and customers join our ranks.

3. Everyone says that your country’s wines are the best in the world. Is it


Together with some Italian and Spanish wines, French wines are indeed amongst

the best. Due to the quality of the terrain, the climate and above all our wine

producers’ ancestral know-how, France sets itself apart from the other countries

in terms of wine-growing. From east to south east, passing through Champagne,

Burgandy, Bordelais and wines from the Loire Valley, where there is Saumur, my

home town, anyone will find a wine to suit the palate.

4. How has your relationship with Sodave and the Antonio Carraro tractors

developedover the last 8 years? What can you tell us about thedevelopment

of the new products?

SODAVE understands that the AC brand and its tractors represent a specialised

offer of a high quality. The range of AC tractors is geared towards arboriculture,

wine-growing, green areas andmany diverse specialised sectors. Only a structure

like SODAVE would have been capable of satisfying all of these criteria.

What is there to say about the new products from the range? They are the joy

of the distribution network and the customers: cabs, gearbox technology,

immediate compliance with pollution legislation, new product design. How

much there is to show our customers!