TRX 6400
VM - 3 Cyl – TURBO – 2082 CC
16+16 synchronized reverser
Weight (KG)
2000 (rollbar) – 2110 (Easystar cab) – 2190 (Starlight cab)
Capacity (KG)

TRX 6400 - Isodiametric steering reversible tractor


Orchards with wide foliage, narrow rows, tendone vineyards are the natural environment for TRX 6400 (57 hp). Designed for steep grounds and small spaces, it is a steering isodiametric 4-wheel drive tractor with RGS™ reversible drive.

The mix between the compact size and the 57 hp engine result in a stable tractor with constant traction. 

The stability and the narrow steering radius are the greatest strengths of TRX 6400.

The ergonomics and the reversible drive allow the operator to work efficiently, simply and quickly, with evident fuel savings.

TRX is fit to work with several devices in many contexts, from plowing to treatments, from fruit harvesting to stables management. Its multi-functional side is clear also in urban maintenance, construction, greencare and forestry.


Antonio Carraro | Plus | ACTIO


AC Full Chassis with Oscillation - cast iron full chassis hosting the tractor's transmission. with a central articulated joint which allows a longitudinal oscillation up to 15°; this system allows the tractor to keep up with the soil's sinuosity ensuring constant traction and grip.


RGS™ Rev-Guide System, is the AC reversible driving system on a rotating turret which inverts the driving direction in just a few seconds in order to work efficiently with towed or frontal equipment. Simply turn the seat/steering wheel/dash/pedal assembly 180° for an identical, but reverse, driving direction.
Antonio Carraro | steering tractors

Steering wheels

The short wheelbase and tight steering radius make the tractor extremely agile in crop rows. To further reduce the turning radius, the steering* brakes can be utilized, while accentuating the steering effect obtained thanks to the double-acting constant velocity joints.

Antonio Carraro | Warranty | Extension 3 4 years

EXG Extended Warranty

As a proof of its reliability, Antonio Carraro offers, in addition to its two-year standard warranty, an extension of warranty coverage up to three or four years, called EXG Maximum Protection.
Antonio Carraro | Comfort | Driver's seat


Thanks to the ACTIO™ Chassis, the driving position coincides with the center of oscillation of the tractor. Sideways jerking and stress are very limited and operator fatigue is reduced, even after many hours. The on-board instrumentation is elegant, functional and intuitive: backlit anti-reflection screen for nighttime use; “on-off” information system; digital tachometer and PTO rev counter; and electro-hydraulic pushbutton controls.
Antonio Carraro | Plus | Mechanical transmission 16+16 Ergit TGF TRX TTR SRX TRG TX SX

Transmission - 16+16

Synchronized transmission gearbox with 32 speeds, 16 fwd +16 rev, and synchronized shuttle reverser; PTO 540/540e independent and ground speed with progressive electrohydraulic engagement; Start inhibit switch on shuttle reverser and PTO selector; Electrohydraulic front/rear or only rear differential lock; Electrohydraulic disengagement control for front drive wheels; Hydraulic clutch.
Antonio Carraro | Options | Seat with pneumatic suspension

Pneumatic seat

Pneumatic suspension seat with height regulation and automatic driver-weight adjustment (from 50 kg ti 130 kg).


A windscreen is available for the open cab.
Antonio Carraro | Front Protection | Bullbar


Tubular steel guard protecting the bodywork; integrates the third-point for the front lift.
Antonio Carraro | Plus | Vertical tie-rod and hydraulic thirdpoint

Vertical tie-rod and hydraulic thirdpoint

Optimizes the positioning and inclination of the equipment.

Starlight Cab

StarLight is the Antonio Carraro closed cab mounted on Silent Blocks. With the large windows and portholes giving a view of the wheels and implement, it is very luminous and provides total visibility. It has opening front and rear windscreens, total-glass doors and double sunroof with sunscreens.
Antonio Carraro | Options | Easystar, open cab for Ergit TRX TRH, SRX

Easystar Cab

EasyStar 6-post cab is a must-have device to protect the operator from sun, bad weather and dust. Starting from the standard configuration (6-post frame and sunroof), one can add front and rear windscreens and the doors set.

Wheels ballasts

Available with ballasts for front and rear wheels.
Antonio Carraro | Options | On-Off joystick for Ergit TRX 6400

Joystick - TRX 6400

Available on demand hydraulic system controlled by double-speed on-off ; 1 double-acting, 1 double-acting with floating position, 1 single-acting, 1 oil reflow (6 quick couplings); available also with Uniflex hydraulic suspension (5 quick couplings).
Antonio Carraro | Options | Froltlift

Front lift

Available on demand the front lifting system for the use frontal implements.
Antonio Carraro | Options | Tyres


Available several sets of tyres suitable to every kind of ground, for a constant grip and a thrilling performance regardless of the soil conditions.


StarLight - TRX 6400

The cab is characterised by a design tapered upwards so that whilst working on rowed crops on slopes the top part of the cab doesn’t interfere with the row below. Operational capacity is better when working in dense vegetation as it allows the wheels to get close to the plants without damaging them.
Excellent internal light and external visibility: transparency on all four sides of the cab with ample front and rear windscreens and windows, lateral glass doors and transparent front and rear sunroofs with sunshades.
Comfort: the operator’s head room has been significantly increased , it has been fitted with a new anti-dust ventilation system, ventilation nozzles for quick demisting of the windscreen, the soundproofed internal coverings are soft to the touch whose seals have been improved in all the fitting areas with the overall advantage in terms of soundproofing.

EasyStar Cab

EasyStar 6-post cab is a must-have device to protect the operator from sun, bad weather and dust.
Starting from the standard configuration (6-post frame and sunroof), one can add front and rear windscreens and the doors set.
Covered by Antonio Carraro warranty, EasyStar is safer than many untested, uncertified products at the same cost.
In addition to its unmatched quality, its design is pleasant and perfectly suitable to the chosen tractor.